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If you are among the millions who favor a dramatic change in the way education works, Dream School Commons offers meaningful ways for you to support the revolution. Look over the following list and pick those areas where you can do the most good. You can make a difference.
  • Tell Your Story  Share your dreams and experiences. Let others know what has worked, what has failed and what you'd like to see in the future. By sharing your story you can help advance the Dream School revolution.
  • Read and Submit Articles  See what others think about the condition of our education system and how to reinvent it. Better yet, submit articles for publication.
  • Follow the Blog  Subscribe and be among the first to see what's new and suggest relevant topics to the bloggers. The blog will keep you up to date on topics related to the Dream School revolution.
  • Participate in the Forums  Become an active contributor in the forums. This is where you join other Dream School revolutionaries in brainstorming sessions, voting up great ideas and hammering out details to create a workable plan. Help shape ideas destined to become real world dream schools.
  • Build Schools with the Wiki  Follow ideas that make it to the wiki pages. The best ideas come here to be refined, with the goal of quickly defining a plan suitable for funding and implementation. Use your contacts and influence to support fund raising efforts.
  • Spread the word to like minded contacts. "Like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. A grass roots revolution needs all the revolutionaries it can get.
  • Donate  Support this site with an occasional donation. By doing so you keep these pages free of advertising.