Dream School Updates

Latest News: IncitED: The Crowdfunding Community for Education is now accepting inquiries from educators who are interested in funding innovative projects using the power of crowdfunding and social networking. Click here to see education campaigns that are currently being funded. IncitED supports educators who are working to fund grassroots educational innovations and initiatives. Follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter

Story Tracker: We're pleased to report that a total of   106  stories have been published on our Stories pages. We want to thank all who have participated so far and to invite all who read this to share their education stories and/or their ideas of what a Dream School should be. A careful review of this input will allow us to find patterns in terms of what a Dream School must include and what mistakes must be avoided.

In Solidarity: In keeping with the Dream School Commons call for revolution in education, we are enthusiastically in solidarity with the Occupy Education movement. Like other Occupy groups, it is an open, grass roots movement looking outside the box for answers, in this case innovative ways to bring education into the twenty-first century. We'll be featuring a series of selected education occupiers from the OE photo-sharing site. Keep an eye on the sidebar for updates and click the photo for a close-up look.

Dream School Tweets

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Latest Blog Post: Jaime discusses the correlation between happiness and achievement, noting that happiness may be a more important educational goal than we think. "Here’s the good news for those worried that students might miss out on the most vital aspects of learning if they happily get to make decisions about their educations: the side effect of happiness is achievement."  Read the Post...

Latest Article: Justin M. Schwamm, Jr introduces The Three Columns Schools project, an example of the Dream School Commons concept in action with a clearly stated mission, vision and goal... "I realize that a new chapter in my life is beginning. It is time for me -- and possibly for you -- to start working on the new system. It is time for me -- and possibly for you -- to start building a network of joyful learning communities that we call the Three Column Schools. Read the Article...

Video Inspiration for Dream School Visionaries

These videos may:
  • show how our educational system is failing. 
  • show what can be done to make it better. 
  • present ideas for revolutionary new ways to educate.
As you watch them, develop you own ideas and share those ideas with our community of Dream School revolutionaries. Click an image to watch.